Fructose Diphosphate Sodium For Injection

Fructose Diphosphate Sodium For Injection

Fructose Diphosphate Sodium For Injection
Main ingredient
Chemical name: Fructose-1,6-Diphosphate Trisodium Salt Octahydrate  
Chemical Structure:

Molecular formula: C6H11Na3O12P2.8H2O
Molecular weight: 550.17
White or almost white crystalline powder, slight special smell, slightly salty taste
Indication This product is suitable for low hyperphosphatemia. Low hyperphosphatemia could occur in acute situations, such as blood transfusions, surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass, parenteral nutrition, but also related to chronic diseases, such as chronic alcoholism, chronic malnutrition, the depletion of carbonic acid during chronic respiratory failure.
Strength: (1)5g  (2)7.5g (3)10.0g, calculated on C6H11Na3O12P2.
Method: Dissolve 1g powder with 10ml of sterilized water for injection, and then inject solution after mixing by Intravenous infusion (around 10ml/min).
The solution after mixing must be a single dose. If the solution does not run out, the remaining is not allowed to be used.
Dosage: suggested dosage: 5~10g per day. The dosage for the treatment of low hyperphosphatemia, should be based on the degree of lake of Phosphate in order to avoid excess phosphate. It is recommended to divide bigger dosage into 2 times of administration per day. For children, the dosage should be based on the weight (70~160mg/kg), do not excess suggested dosage. 
Storage  Seal, storage at cool place (not more than 20 ℃)
Package  Packed in soda-lime glass infusion bottles. 1bottle/box
Expiry date: 24 months